I'm currently working as a senior software architect and app manager at Bank of America, where I work on a lot of the technologies that I'm passionate about. I've been in the business of writing software for over 20 years and I like to consider myself a mentor who is willing to offer advice to anyone seeking answers on better ways to develop software. I'm also passionate about writing and explaining things, and that is a big reason that this blog exists. If you are interested in talking to me about available software architect jobs or freelance writing opportunties, I'm always willing to listen.

I am particularly interested in working in the areas of containers, cloud, and machine learning. I’ve been working on container platforms such as Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. I would prefer an agile environment with small development teams, practicing test driven development and utilizing software quality tools, but will consider any company open to different approaches for software development. The position should have ample learning opportunities for a dedicated, enthusiastic, and creative individual with years of experience in the telecom, finance, health care, and utility industries.



  • Java, C#, C++, Python, NodeJS, React, TypeScript, Perl, Bash Shell, HTML, XML, SQL (Oracle, MySQL), PL/SQL, PHP, Visual Basic


  • Application Servers: Tomcat, JBoss (Community and Enterprise editions) and IBM Websphere / Liberty
  • Content Management: Alfresco, Oracle Universal Content Management
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL and and related tools (Toad, Oracle SQL Developer, DB Visualizer, SQL*Plus)
  • Development Tools: svn, git, ant, Maven, Cruise Control, Jenkins, Sonar, Crucible, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Atom, IntelliJ, Pycharm, WebStorm, Vim
  • Frameworks: MapR, TensorFlow, Django, Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, CXF (Web Services), JAXB, .NET WCF and WPF
  • Platforms: Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, Mesos, DC/OS, Kubernetes
  • System Administration: UNIX, bash and Perl scripting, ant and maven build scripting


  • Experienced with agile, scrum, and Kanban methods of software development
  • Experienced in test-driven development and extreme programming.


  • Patent No. US 9,952,942 B2 – System for Distributed Data Processing With Auto-Recovery – Issued April 24th, 2018
  • Patent Pending No. US20170235676A1 – System for Distributed Data Processing With Automatic Caching at Various System Levels – Filed February 2nd, 2016

You can check out my resume for more details.


  • Brother and Alumnus, Alpha Phi Omega - As an active brother of the Alpha Chi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, helped to provide community service to Boston, Cambridge and the surrounding area. Offices held include Membership Vice President, Administrative Vice President, Fellowship Chair, Newsletter Editor, and Historian. Was awarded a Chapter-level Distinguished Service Key Award, the highest recognition given to brothers by the fraternity. As an alumnus, participate in local chapter events and occasional regional and national conferences.

  • Red Hat Accelerators - I am a founding member of Red Hat Accelerators community. As an active member, I champion Red Hat technologies and willingly share my knowledge and expertise with anyone interested in tools like OpenShift, JBoss, and Ansible. I am not a representative of Red Hat. My views are my own. If you’d like to learn more about Red Hat Accelerators program, please go to access.redhat.com/accelerators.