tl;dr: I started a consulting firm at Go there if you are interested in more details about my services.

I've been writing and architecting software for over 20 years, mastering all kinds of different technologies as needed. For most of those 20 years, I've been an employee of one company or another, including startups, enterprises, and lots of sizes in between. I've even started my own consulting firm to do some independent consulting.

Lately, I've determined that something I really love doing - and I want to do more of - is technical writing and research. I've been writing more and more blogs on a regular basis, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I recently started an engagement with a company to research installing on OpenShift, and I've been enjoying it a lot. I'll be publishing some of the results from the engagement fairly soon and there is likely to be more soon after that.

I'm looking to continue doing this kind of thing with some of my free time. If you like what you have seen here and would like to engage me on doing some technical writing or research for you, please check out osninja consulting. I don't have a lot of free time, as I'm employed full time and I also have family time priorities, but we can definitely work out something for small projects requiring up to 10-15 hours per week.

What kind of services do I offer? I am a container/Kuberentes/OpenShift specialist, so if you are looking to migrate an application to containers and/or the cloud, I can definitely help you build a migration plan for that. If you are running into a technical problem with building, deploying or debugging your applications, I can most likely help, especially if it involves Java, Python, NodeJS, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes or OpenShift. Want to jumpstart a web project in React or Angular? I love doing it. Need a helping hand getting started with some new technology, possibly using a technology I haven't mentioned yet? I'm really a fast learner and always open to learning new things, so definitely reach out and we'll see if it is something I can help out with.

See my the contact page for various ways of getting in touch with me, or my about-me page for more details about who I am. You can also look at my resume if you want to see the kinds of projects I've worked on previously. I respond fairly quickly to email or messages through LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you.